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Just Another Origin Story...

One year ago, I changed my life forever when I picked up a guitar for the first time. To my untrained fingers it felt like alien technology, but to my mind's eye it was a mystery to be solved--a journey which I still walk today. In a life that moves too fast in too many ways, playing music has a way of freezing everything and locking you in the present moment. Playing music offers a meditative escape, and an immense feeling of accomplishment when you perfectly play something that took countless hours of repetitive practice--but that's just the problem.

Any musician knows that learning something new takes countless hours practicing completely alone.

But what if we never had to practice alone again? With that thought, Soloist was born.

The mission of Soloist is to seamlessly simulate the experience of having bandmates for musicians practicing alone.

It's that simple.

Join us on our journey, and never practice alone again.

-Parker Busick

Founder and Band Manager

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