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Record or upload loops.

With Soloist, you can record loops into your phone, just like a loop pedal. Unlike traditional loop pedals, however, you can also upload any audio file from your device or select from loops you already have saved.


Make finishing touches.

After you have recorded or uploaded a loop, you can fine tune it with best-in-class inspired audio trimming. As an as added bonus, we make sure that the length of your loop is trimmed to the exact measure length you need. We gotchu.


Layer and loop.

Once you've recorded or uploaded the loops you want, layer those puppies up. Each additional loop is like another bandmate in the room with you. Now you can practice to your heart's content.


Save and share on your Space.

Spaces are the personal profiles for musicians to post their songs and loops. When you are done practicing, don't forget to save your work and post it to your Space for other users to like, share, and practice with.

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